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📍Live from sunny bermuda

Tech Summit

Hosted by
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A global blockchain conference.

The goal of the Summit is to bring together leaders, regulators, and innovators from around the world to explore the latest breakthroughs in digital assets and blockchain technology.

Broadcast from beautiful Bermuda, the conference will bring together both virtual and in-person attendees to explore how the island’s regulations and sandbox environment are providing the perfect base of operations for digital asset businesses. Special attention will be given to how innovators are addressing gaps in compliance, risk, insurance, and other crucial infrastructure for a secure digital economy.

Previous Agenda


Arrival on Island & Welcome Meetings
Tuesday 04/11
International Tech Summit

📍 The Fairmont Hamilton Princess / 76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton

Wednesday 04/12
Community & Career Day

📍 Ignite Incubator / 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton

Thursday 04/13
Startup Pitch Competition

📍 Virtual

Friday 04/14
Leisure & Networking Day

04/11 International Tech Summit

📍 The Fairmont Hamilton Princess / 76 Pitts Bay Road, Hamilton

Time (adt)
Welcome Breakfast & Networking
8:30 - 9:30
Welcome Presentation & Opening Remarks
Sean Stapley (Partner @Penrose)
Kerem Kolcuoglu (Managing Partner @Penrose)
Joseph Ziolkowski (CEO & Co-Founder @Relm)
9:30 - 10:00
Panel 1 // Building Through the Bull & the Bear
Moderator: Mike McGlone (Senior Macro Strategist @Bloomberg)
Pascal St-Jean
(President @3iQ)
Jason Park (Head of Business Development @Bittrex Global)
Sean Reel (Executive Director @Ignite)
10:00 - 10:45
Panel 2 // The Evolution & Regulation of DeFi
Moderator: Steven Rees Davies (Partner @Carey Olsen)
Jeff Baron (Chief Compliance Officer @Bittrex Global)
Moad Fahmi (Senior Advisor - Fintech @Bermuda Monetary Authority)
Alim Khamisa (Product Manager @DELV)
10:45- 11:30
Panel 3 // AI Unleashed: Amplifying Human Potential
Moderator: Michael Branco (Founder & Chairman @Celeste Ventures)
Caroline O'Brien (Chief Data Officer & Head of Product @Afiniti)
Dmitry Mnushkin (CTO & Co-Founder @Swiftly Holdings)
Carika Weldon (CEO & Founder @CariGenetics)
11:30 - 12:15
Lunch Break // Sustainability, Innovation & Sport
Fred Pye (Founder @Canada SailGP)
12:15 - 13:30
Panel 4 // Insuring the Future
Moderator: James Knox (Managing Director @Aon)
Koleya Karringten (Executive Director @Canadian Blockchain Consortium)
James Robinson (Founder, Cactus)
Donavan Burgess (SVP - Digital Assets, Cyber & Professional @Relm)
Temar Richards (Lead Actuary @Nayms)
13:30 - 14:15
Panel 5 // Digital Privacy & Cybersecurity
Moderator: Polina Branco (Executive Board Member @Celeste Ventures)
Liat Shetret (Director of Global Policy and Regulation @Elliptic)
Samantha Simms (CEO @The Information Collective)
Marisa Stones (PATI/PIPA Unit @Government of Bermuda)
ChaVon (CJ) Clarke-Joell (Assistant Commissioner @Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda)
14:15 - 15:00
Panel 6 // Institutions & DeFi: Who Eats Who?
Moderator: Brian Tehako (Chief Investment Officer @Warwick Capital)
Bruce Jackson (Chief of Digital Assets @Apex)
Lawrence Newhook (Chief Investment Officer @Alpha Innovations)
Chris McGregor (CEO @Vesto)
Aqsa Zubair (Assistant Director, Fintech @BMA)
15:15 - 16:00
Panel 7 // Onboarding Bermuda and the Next Billion
Moderator: Erica Smith (Executive Director @BEDC)
Darren Wolfberg (Founder, Chairman & CEO @Blockchain Triangle)
Kevin Richards (Managing Director @BAM Tech Advisors)
Alison Swan (Director @Swan Group)
Nico Gonzalez (Chief Digital Officer @Paradise Mobile)
16:00 - 16:45
Closing Fireside Chat
Michael Casey (Chief Content Officer @CoinDesk)
Premier, The Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP (Premier of Bermuda)
16:45 - 17:30
Bermuda Rum-mit: Cocktail Reception @ Hamilton Princess
17:30 - 19:30

04/12 Community & Career Day

📍 Ignite Incubator / 12 Wesley Street, Hamilton

Time (adt)
Breakfast & Networking
10:30 - 11:30
Opening: FinTech Vision in Bermuda Opening
Sean Stapley (Partner @ Penrose)
Kerem Kolcuoglu
(Partner @ Penrose)
11:30 - 12:30
Panel 1 // Digital Asset Businesses in Bermuda
Moderator: Sean Stapley (Partner @ Penrose)
Jeff Baron
(Chief Compliance Officer @Bittrex Global)
Donavan Burgess
(Senior Vice President, Underwriter @Relm Insurance)
Temar Richards
(Lead Actuary @Nayms)
12:30 - 13:00
Panel 2 // Climate-Tech in Bermuda
Moderator: Darren Wolfberg (CEO & Founder @Blockchain Triangle)
Kevin Richards
(Managing Director @Bermuda Asset Management)
Ali Hochberg
(Science Communicator @BIOS)
Connor Burns (
Director @On-Site Engineering)
13:00 -13:30
Lunch & Networking
13:30 - 14:15
Panel 3 // IT & Cyber in Bermuda
Moderator: Maryem Biadillah (Acting Senior Manager @ The Economic Development Department, Government of Bermuda)
Liat Shetret
(Head of Policy & Global Regulation @ Elliptic)
Karamoko Dickens
(Founder @ Conci Bermuda)
Marisa Stones
(PATI/PIPA Unit @ The Government of Bermuda)
14:15 - 14:45
BEDC Spotlight
Moderator: Jamillah Lodge (Communication & Development Director @ Bermuda Economic Development Corporation)
Joshun Stovell (Founder @Enlightened Expertise)
Tomika Pacheco (Founder @Off Grid RVs)
Felica DeRosa (Founder @Dayrosia)
14:45 - 15:15
Speed Networking & Career Fair
Bittrex, Paradise Mobile, Appleby, Blockchain Triangle, Carey Olsen, Relm, Alpha Innovations, Aon, First Atlantic Commerce, Warwick Capital
15:15 - 17:15
*Times and locations subject to change

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Previous Speakers

Featured speakers

Liat Shetret

Director of Global Policy and Regulation

Michael Casey

Chief Content Officer

Pascal St-Jean


Premier the Hon. E. David Burt, JP, MP

Government of Bermuda

All speakers

Alim Khamisa

Product Manager
Element Finance

Aqsa Zubair

Assistant Director, FinTech
Bermuda Monetary Authority

Brian Tehako

Chief Investment Officer
Warwick Capital

Bruce Jackson

Chief of Digital Asset Funds and Business
Apex Group Ltd.

Carika Weldon

Chief Executive Officer

Caroline O'Brien

Chief Data Officer & Head of Product

ChaVon (CJ) Clarke-Joell

Assistant Commissioner
Office of the Privacy Commissioner for Bermuda

Chris McGregor

Chief Executive Officer

Darren Wolfberg

CEO / Founder
Blockchain Triangle

Dmitry Mnushkin

CTO & Co-Founder
Swiftly Holdings

Donavan Burgess

Senior Vice President, Underwriter
Relm Insurance Ltd.

Erica Smith

Executive Director
Bermuda Economic Development Corporation

Fred Pye

Founder & Chairman, Founder
3iQ and Canada SailCP Team

James Knox

Managing Director

James Robinson

Cactus Ltd.

Jason Park

Head of Strategy & Partnerships
Bittrex Global

Jeffrey Baron

Chief Compliance Officer
Bittrex Global

Joseph Ziolkowski

CEO & Co-Founder
Relm Insurance

Kerem Kolcuoglu

Managing Partner
Penrose Partners

Kevin Richards

Managing Director
Bermuda Asset Management

Koleya Karringten

Executive Director
Canadian Blockchain Consortium

Lawrence Newhook

Chief Investment Officer
Alpha Innovations

Marisa Stones

The Government of Bermuda

Michael Branco

Founder & Chairman
Celeste Ventures

Mike McGlone

Senior Macro Strategist

Moad Fahmi

Senior Advisor
Bermuda Monetary Authority

Nico Gonzalez

Chief Digital Officer
Paradise Mobile

Polina Branco

Executive Board Member
Celeste Ventures

Samantha Simms

Chief Executive Officer
The Information Collective

Sean Reel

Executive Director
Ignite Bermuda

Sean Stapley

Partner & Head of Ventures
Penrose Partners

Steven Rees Davies

Carey Olsen

Temar Richards

Lead Actuary

Join us in exploring the latest breakthroughs in digital assets and blockchain technology.

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